The Blackberry Bold Touch And The Nokia E6 Both Prove To Be Great Messenger Phones


For a long time now Blackberry handsets have been the phone of choice for people who are looking for a reliable and secure messaging service. The full keypad that they offer is a huge advantage as is the excellent software. There is a newcomer vying for their crown however in the form of Nokia who have always had success with their “communicator” series of handsets. This success has evolved and we are now presented with the Nokia E6, a superb smartphone which is arguably the best Qwerty handset that Nokia have ever produced. Hot on its heels however is the Blackberry Bold Touch, the device Blackberry lovers everywhere have been waiting for thanks to its touch screen and revamped operating system. Which of these excellent handsets is the perfect messaging device?

The brand who produce the Blackberry range, RIM, and Nokia are long established names in the mobile phone world and you naturally expect both models to boast superb build quality which they do. Following on from both manufacturers playing around with the layout on some of their more recent models it is pleasing to see them both return to the familiar portrait format which over time has proved the ideal layout for phones such as these. This sees the keypad located beneath the screen with both elements taking up about half of the phones fascia. There is very little to choose between these two models when it comes to looks but if you had to pick one model then the it would be the Blackberry thanks to it general premium feel. This does not mean the Nokia feels cheap, far from it, but the Blackberry has a certain something that the Nokia lacks. In terms of the displays on the phones the Bold Touch sports the larger screen at 2.8 inches as opposed to Nokias 2.46 inches. Both models do sport the same 640 x 480 resolution however, meaning that the Nokias slightly smaller screen comes out on top.

One area where the Blackberry Bold Touch has a big advantage is its use of the Blackberry OS rather than the Symbian version utilised in the E6. Despite its latest makeover the Symbian platform still feels out of date and pales in comparison to the new system found on the Bold Touch. This is the new 7.0 version of the platform and features a superb voice search facility which is both time saving and effective. The whole interface on this phone also looks superb thanks to “Liquid Graphics” which makes the whole operation of the phone feel much more like the incredibly user friendly HTC and Apple devices. Given that this is the area that the user interacts with this is a major attraction of the Blackberry, perhaps more so than many of the other excellent features on offer.

Messaging devices have come a long way since the unreliable models we saw introduced a few years ago. These two handsets are the best currently on offer and are both remarkable devices but the Blackberry Bold Touch seems the best option thanks to its great build quality together with the excellent operating system update.

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